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Dear Marguerite and Fred,

Thank you for all your efforts in liquidating the assets in my father’s estate. Everything was handled professionally and with great respect and sympathy. I appreciate that you handled all the details, crowds and clean up and requested my input when needed. You also left the house spotless and ready for sale – everything was beautifully done. If it would ever be helpful to your business, I would be pleased to offer a testimonial or serve as a reference. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome on my parents’ behalf.

With sincere thanks,

Maureen Murphy

West Hartford, CT



Dear Marguerite and Fred:


Faced with the overwhelming task of disposing of the 47 years of accumulated items in my brother's home, I was fortunate enough to hear of your Antiques on the Green services from my landlady, Caroline Laskas.  There are no words sufficient enough to express my gratitude for all those hours you devoted to preparing for the sale, conducting the sale, and disposing of the unsold items and the eventual clean out.  It was so worth the investment and quite a welcome sight to finally see the house completely cleaned out and left spotless after the sale.  I especially appreciated the concern you showed by contacting me any time you encountered papers or items that you thought might be personal or that you deemed of unusually high value. Trust is so important at times like this, and I felt so comfortable with you both taking such good care of my brother's belongings and respecting his privacy.  Please use this letter as you wish.


Jayne Woods McKnack

Woodbury, CT




Dear Maggie and Fred:


The estate sale was a complete success!  Thank you very much for working your magic; magic made up of staging, lots of research, bringing in a number of experts for verification on some items, and arranging for a pre-sale.  It's called "professional magic," that comes from years of experience.  Your expertise was greatly appreciated; however, beyond this you were sensitive to the journey we were making, that is, sorting out what to keep and what was for sale.  Often this became overwhelming and an emotional roller coaster, but through it all you were sensitive to this journey.  You were not the cold professionals, but rather understanding human beings, knowing how memories bubble up,,and how difficult letting go can be.  Your kindness and compassion make you a standout team!  Thank you for being you!

Kathy Sue Roberts

Bonnie Stephens

Woodbury, CY







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